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So, what is Sprout Yoga Doing?

In Sprout Yoga Activities, Uncategorized on February 13, 2009 at 3:49 am

I’m SO glad you asked what we’ve been up to in the last couple of days at Sprout Yoga. Its the reason why I’ve been not posting on this blog.

First, I am now teaching every Wednesday morning at 7 am at Providence Meeting House, in Media, PA. Info available here: http://www.phillyfunguide.com/event.php?id=27234.


I am now also teaching (as of February 28, 2009) at Tango 411 in Media, every saturday at 5 pm. Info to be posted here: http://www.tango411.com/Home.html.

All of that based on donations – all of the donations go to Sprout Yoga. And we need those donations too! I just did the barebones budget for Sprout Yoga, and we’ll need to raise $2500 by the summer to get our projects completed.

That’s a LOT of Yoga!

So what are we up to?

Here’s a glimpse:

Teacher Training – teaching yoga teachers how to work with people overcoming eating disorders and post traumatic stress disorder, to be held in New York City.

Yoga Retreat for Young Women with Body Hate Issues – we are planning a yoga retreat, for approximately 15 women, working on self esteem issues, and building body confidence in young women, with mild disordered eating.

Teacher Curriculum – organizing and summarizing medical literature that currently exists on treatment of ED and PTSD with yoga and other similar modalities.

And of course, providing free yoga to people who are overcoming PTSD and ED, who are currently in a counseling relationship (e.g., have an existing therapist, or have had a therapy relationship that they can return to), and would benefit from yoga.

We are also monitoring the FREED Act – A soon to be proposed bill in the House of Representatives that would provide federal funding to teach eating disorder prevention in schools. We love this bill, and we hope that we can see some real action on it in the future.

  1. hi my daughter and i are wanting to try a sprout yoga class… my daughter is 22 and she introduced me to sprout yoga she has been suffering and in treatment for 7 years with an eating disorder. iam excited to learn u will be starting on sat feb 28. do we need to register? i love yoga and i know my daughter will benefit for practicing yoga. I look forward to hearing from you

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